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Joan Enriquez-Noguera
I was really saddened to hear of Joe's passing.He was very kind to me when Pete was I'll and passed away.My heart goes out to you Gay and your family. I am truly looking forward getting all our loved ones here shortly.It is a wonderful hope.But it does not take your pain away.Rely on Jehovah the friends and family.Take it one day at a time Joe was a wonderfully kind brother.
Kathy Freeman
I was so sorry to hear about Joe's passing. I had the honor to work with Joe at Main Street Realtors/Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance. Joe was a true professional! He was very passionate about real estate, working with his clients and mentoring other real estate agents. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
Brigette Lopes
I had the great privilege of working with Joe in Harbor witnessing on Wednesdays. What a great day Wednesdays was! Joe's kindness, warmth, affection, love, and zest were a constant encouragement to me. When I left California to reach out for new goals, Joe encouraged and strengthened me. And then he helped my mom and family in my absence. My heart bleeds for you, his family, in your loss. But I know you are comforted in your faith in Jehovah's love. Our prayers are with you!
Oscar and Jocelyn Lopez
Our hearts our saddened for our dear brother who was always so loving and genuine to all. I (Jocelyn) remembered the very first time I attended Los Alamitos and right away Joe came up to me and greeted me so kindly. We will never forget his jokes and his laugh, we always see him smile all the time. My husband Oscar knew him first before I did, back in the day around the year 2009 when the Belgrave hall was being remolded. We will always cherish the beautiful memories of him and his family. We are just around the corner to receive all our dear loved ones back in the resurrection. He will be truly missed. xoxo
Sean and Crystal Tsigonoff
I met Joe in 1995 when I started studying the Bible . Joe was like family to me he showed me tough love when I needed it he was instrumental In my progress as a brother. He shared many wonderful things with me. His ability to relate scriptures was amazing, and he was my favorite when reading the WT. when I used to read the WT I would pattern myself after Joe. I will always remember Joe as a loving Husband, wonderful dad and loving Brother. I look forward to the day when I will see Joe Again . John5:28,29.
Debi Porter
I will always remember brother Joe for the kind and wonderful man he truly was. He put others ahead of himself especially when it came to Jehovah and those in his care as an elder. He was a shot of penicillin for the sick and needy. He would say “ Dont ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough to be in Jehovah’s house because Jehovah says you are special”! He had a way of making everyone feel that way and what an example of Jehovah’s “Love” he was. He will be missed dearly but I anticipate the future time when I can experience all his jokes and see that infectious smile of his.
Lisa and Xander Steevensz
We had the opportunity to be out in service with some friends along with Joe and his wife during the last campaign for the Regional Convention. I remember him and his wife going from door to door together. What I nice last memory to have. I had over time seen Joe handle various assignments at conventions and when we had occasion to visit the congregation. My impression of Joe is a man zealous for Jehovah's name who gave his all to serve God and his fellow man. It was not hard to see that. My wife had opportunity to talk with Joe a few times and had the same impression. He was 100% convinced that this old system was coming to its end soon and he lived accordingly. He appreciated the bountiful spiritual provisions from the Society: the movies, the broadcasts, the videos - a banquet indeed! Our prayers go out to the family and friends who knew him well and had the priviledge of having Joe be a part of thier lives. We look forward to a time when we can get to know Joe and enjoy what many have already experienced. He will be missed, but never forgotten. He is the work of Jehovah's hands - Job 14:15
Shaun & Deanna Serna
Deanna and I have very fond memories of Joe and the rest of your family. We will never forget the interest he showed for us. All of the pic nic’s, dinners, service dates, get togethers and all the shepherding calls early on in our marriage. He loved Jehovah, and will, without a doubt, remain in Jehovah’s memory. He will awaken soon when he is called back. Love for you, Gay and Dani! The Serna’s
Deborah & Emerson Tyree
“May Jehovah bless you and keep you. May Jehovah make his face shine toward you, and may he favor you. May Jehovah lift up his face toward you and assign peace to you.” (Numbers 6:24-26) Emerson and I were so sorry to hear about Joe. Gay and Dani - mere words are inadequate to express our condolences. But I know that our Creator will support you through this time. We have many fond memories of Joe - his love for the brothers, his enthusiasm for life and most of all for his loyal service to Jehovah. His zeal for Jehovah’s service was contagious - and made you want to be a better person. You always knew that when you spoke with Joe - you were going to have a spiritual uplifting conversation! Soon Jehovah will undo ALL the damage and harm that we suffer in this system of things. Until that time, we pray that the “peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts.” Much Love, Debbie and Emerson
Leti and Marvin Cambronero
We, like I'm sure many others, were recipients of dear Joe's kindness and generosity. But most strikingly, his love for our Creator was an outstanding quality of Joe. He touched many lives with his love for others. We had the privilege of serving along with Joe in the Harbor ministry, and just seeing him go about his duties was faith strengthening. We will see our dear brother again when Jehovah's original purpose will come to fruition.
Louis Wheeler
Joe Ditore ! the Best Friend Life could ever offer. We work together at Re/Max Specialist from the beginning when Joe first started, he would stop by my office and share stories on all the beautiful people he met Farming that day and how quickly he was waring out the soles of his shoes, lol. Our conversations were priceless. I miss you Joe. God Bless you and your family. The foot prints you left on this earth will never be filled. Your Friend, Louis
Debi Meyer
Dearest Gay, Dani, and Tyler My heart breaks for you as you travel this road. Our greatest friend and loving Father Jehovah thru Christ will be your hope. Let Jehovah wrap his arms around you by letting the friends help in all ways. Our congregations are truly Jehovah’s gift to us in these difficult times. May your Knowledge of Jehovah make you secure that in Paradise Psalm 145:16 will be fulfilled “You open up your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing “ You all welcomed me into your home and hearts so please know we are “Forever Friends” and my prayers are with you for your endurance. Warm Christian Love, Debi
Bob Stallings
We will miss you Joe. You were a bright light to everyone who knew you. Joe was an amazing business man and a great friend. During the 18 years that he was associated with my company, RE/MAX Real Estate Specialists, he was always one of our top producing associates. He cared greatly for his clients and was always willing to share his expertise with other realtors in our office. Everyone loved Joe, because he cared about people! Joe left our company almost five years ago, so he could spend more time in his ministry efforts, but he always kept in touch with us. Our family will always cherish the friendship we had with Joe. Our hearts are broken over his loss, but we are happy to know "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord"! Our prayers are with your family, and we look forward to seeing Joe in Heaven! God bless you!
Brian & Allison Sweat
We are so sorry to hear about dear Joe. I can always remember fondly when he'd say, "Brian... Cosa stai facendo?" Our time spent together in the Italian Group is filled with many special memories; many thanks to the generosity and hospitality of the DiTore's. (Remember the cramped second school with no air and a baby monitor as the speaker mic?) When Joe wakes up, he'll only remember the happy times and any suffering "will not be called to mind." (Ish 65:17) And for Gaia and Danielle, "No more will your sun set, Nor will your moon wane, For Jehovah will become for you an eternal light, And the days of your mourning will have ended." (Ish 60:20) Love Brian and Allison Sweat
Jim & Kathy Julian
"You're just like Abraham & Sarah! ⛺& Jehovah will bless you so!!", were our dear Joe's words when we decided to go where there's a greater need. His love & enthusiasm for the ministry was always contagious & he truly encouraged us, as we simplified & stepped over into Macedonia. Being used to further your spiritual lives was always first on his list. He proved to be a constant in many lives, encouraging our boys & their families, as well. We loved the nicknames he'd give to those dear to his him, always joking with his big heart. Oh! & the Duffy ⛴ rides with Captain Joe ⚓ always took on special meaning! When he awakens, have him tell you about the time the battery died in the bay at Belmont Shore -- nobody tells that story as good as Joe ... Captain Joe!! He was the "best" Master of Ceremonies for the Mayer's goodbye party! ? Lots of dear memories with him & sweet Gaia! Our prayers & hearts? go out to her, Danielle & Tyler. May our loving God of Comfort hold you all in His caring arms until all of us can be there when Joe's awaken. We miss him so.
Scott and Nga Parkhurst
We are deeply saddened by Joe’s passing, but we are thankful for the wonderful memories that we have of him. We first met Joe in the late 80’s and the first thing that we noticed was outgoing friendly nature. Joe was one of those people who never met a stranger. He always had a humorous story to tell and his quick wit made him the center of attention in any group. Later, I had the privilege of being his assistant in Circuit Accounts. He was always well organized and very patient teach any new brother that joined the department all the procedures associated with Circuit Accounts. We also had the pleasure of working with him on a professional level. He helped us by managing a property while we were living out of state and later helped us to by a house. He was tenacious in helping us to find the right house and provide sound guidance to make sure that we would be happy in the long term. We will miss his warm smile and friendship. We know that he is in Jehovah’s memory and have confidence that Jehovah always does what is right by his servants. Our love goes out to all of Joe’s family. We are keeping you in our prayers. With condolences, Scott and Nga Parkhurst
Maestas Family
Joe Ditore was known affectionately as "Papa Joe" in our home by our son Ace and his parents. Although he was diligent about his varied theocratic assignments and responsibilities, he always made time for the children in the congregation. It was not uncommon for Papa Joe to greet the little ones by bending down and talking to them, making them feel so welcome, loved and an important member of the congregation. Papa Joe taught Ace and others how to fold tracts for the campaign and place them at not at homes, offered words of encouragement after commenting, and would order pizza for the group of young ones helping set up the venue for the Memorial. He rented puppies for the congregation picnic for all the children to enjoy and put on a puppet show that brought sheer delight to their little hearts. He was a pen pal to Ace and a loyal sticker club member sending cards and stickers in the mail. When Jesus said, "Let the young children come to me" (Luke 18:16) Brother Ditore in imitation of our King was living proof of this example. We miss our friend Papa Joe who reflected how much Jehovah deeply cares for our young ones.
Jeff Fields
Joe, Arnie, and myself visited the crew on Christmas Day. We were given a very warm greeting. The three of us took turns presenting the Good News in a 45 minute symposium. All appreciate our presentation. Interestedly, after giving a witness to the crew, we started down the gangway and were intercepted by Home Land Security. They ordered us to go back up the gangway to the ship for an interview. They wanted to know why we were here. The Captain immediately told them, ‘I have invited them aboard’. The officer taking the lead asked for our TWIC cards. He checked our faces with the picture I.D.. He asked a few question directed towards each of us. After about 5 minutes he said, ‘You are doing a good work, keep it up”! Once we were in our vehicle we were so excited, that a favorable witness was given, even to Home Land Security. The officers know the fine work Jehovah’s Witnesses do for the seamen.
Lorenzo & Damaride
We met the DiTore’s at an Italian assembly in the East Coast; shortly thereafter in Nov 2006 we were at the Italian group of Los Alamitos for one of the historical public talks. The energy the DiTore’s and the other dear friends put in during those small beginnings is still going strong. The DiTore’s were, and are, always ready to give support, in any way possible - a fine example to imitate. The thought of the loss of Joe (or “Giuseppe”, when I really wanted to get his attention) has been, and continues to be a source of sadness . Immediately though his smile, his laugh or a positive memory comes to mind. How reassuring it is that our dear loved ones are safe in Jehovah’s perfect memory ... the most secure vault there is! Gaia, Danielle & Tyler, we love you and pray for you and together with you: we “hope for what we do not see, we keep eagerly waiting for it with endurance” (Rom 8:25). Con tutto il nostro ♥️, Lorenzo & Damaride Leongito
Virgil and Betty Bagstad
Yes will miss our dear Brother Joe DiTore, but we will cherish the memories we have had together in field service, dinners at our home, Karaoke times and of course our dinner buddies at Maderas. He’s always been a kind hearted brother and very caring individual. Next time we see him we will make his favorite dessert: Guava/Banana Pie.